Time is money, but energy is freedom.

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Too long we’ve been trading our health for wealth…

Here’s the old way of thinking: 1 hour equals x number of dollars, multiply by 40, multiply by 4, subtract expenses, and you’ve got your worth, in a simple number.  If you happen to have a big number, you might feel good, and if you have a smaller number, well, you probably feel a little less wonderful than you’d like.

But this simple and admittedly oversimplified equation has forgotten something entirely.  Something that is essential to the understanding of that perceived value that we place on money and “net worth” and such measures.  It has overlooked the cost to the individual who is working that hour, giving that % of their life force and energy to earn a $, and whether or not the energy put in is reciprocated.  So you may only put in 1 hr on a particular project, but that 1 hour might cost you 2 hours of anguish, planning, worrying, hurrying, and stressing out, none of which you can be compensated for adequately.

In short, we are trading our energy and our health for wealth.  And anyone who has found themself lacking in either energy or health can validate the immeasurable value of both of these somewhat harder to measure treasures.  Is $100 worth losing your health?  Would you trade $1000 for your health?  What about $10,000?  How do you think you would enjoy that $1,000,000 if it cost you all of your health and energy, such that you could barely get out of bed in the morning to enjoy the “wealth” for which you had bartered?

In the new economy that is emerging, it is not so much money that gives us power, it’s energy.  Energy comes from health, and together this dynamic duo empowers us to face down the many challenges of modern life, and to meet the many opportunities with open arms.  Those who are the most adaptable, the most inspired, the most creative, the most innovative, and the most healthy are attracting the most opportunity, the most followers, and the most support.

I invite you to take an honest look at your energy…look at it like you are looking at your bank statement.  Don’t be wishy washy.  A bank statement tells it like it is:  how much is in your savings account, in unambiguous numbers.  In my world, an adrenal test will do the same for your energy savings account.  Are you running low?  Overdrawn?

You have amazing things to do in the world, far greater than what you can accomplish in 8 hrs a day, and worth far more than whatever you might be earning in a month or even a year.  Your family, your company, your community need not only your time, but rather your vitality, your enthusiasm, your motivation and encouragement.  Your ability to bring your greatness to life, and to create greatness in those around you, may depend somewhat on your bank account, but nowadays, and perhaps always, it depends far more on your energy, your inspiration, and the spark that enlivens you to create a new and better you, and a new and better world.

If you are still coming up short in the energy department, and yet carrying a deep down inspiration to do and be something great, I strongly encourage you to make a change.  Reach out for help.  Take an honest look into the energy savings account.  Get clear on what’s holding you back, and how you can recover your greatest asset in your quest towards greatness:  your health, your brilliance, your ENERGY.  It is without a doubt your greatest wealth.

You can still schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult with me to get clear on how to get your energy back and set yourself back on the road to unlimited health.

It’s time.  I look forward to talking with you soon.



Dr. Eric Baumgartner


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