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Time to use the secret weapon

Parents out there will remember this moment…when the unlikely and overlooked hero grabs the vilian by the fingertip, and proceeds to unleash the most impossibly simple and yet undefeatable technique: the wu xi finger hold. I love this moment because after destroying half the city with their epic battle, the hero surprises the villain with this tiny move that is the opposite of all the other flashy and superhuman acrobatics. 

With the timely bend of one little finger, the evil is banished…forever.

I’m going to go ahead and be so bold as to use this as a metaphor for using functional diagnostics in your health, and here’s why.  When it comes to seeking wellness, sometimes we are faced with a system that treats everything as a battle, sees the body as battlefield, disease as the enemy, and the person…well, the person is really just an unlucky bystander.  WE know, however, that secretly, that same person is really the hero of his/her own health journey, and the only way to succeed in the mission to become healthy is to use the secret weapon.

Functional diagnostics are a set of newly developed and advanced testing methods that most modern clinicians have overlooked.  Oftentimes these tests look at the same kinds of things that doctors routinely test, but in a very different way.  Let’s use the adrenals as an example.  If you have your adrenals tested in a typical doctor visit, they use a single blood draw and look for dramatic changes in those levels that would indicate the presence of a disease pattern.  They are not looking for more subtle tendencies, are not looking at the changes that happen throughout the day, and are not looking for the range in which the adrenals function optimally.  In other words, they are not looking for wellness.  A blood test is only looking to rule out disease.  So, your test comes back normal and you don’t have a “disease” but you still feel lousy.  And you go home without answers, without solutions, and without a plan to get you to wellness (aka victory!).

Testing your adrenals with functional diagnostic methods, though still the underutilized and under-valued underdog in mainstream medicine, can be the key to understanding what is happening in your body, why you are feeling tired, depressed, anxious, overweight, foggy headed, or constantly irritable.  Understanding how much stress your body is dealing with and how that stress is affecting your adrenals is the first step to grabbing that villain by the fingertip and setting your sights on “skadoosh.”

I strongly encourage you to seek out this invaluable ally on the journey to health.  If you have yet to schedule a complimentary consult, I do have a few spaces left this week.  You can apply for a 30 min slot below, and we can discuss how you can become the hero of your journey.

Apply here:

And if after reading this you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can take a crash course in the Wu Xi method here:

Wishing you a heroic day!

Dr. Eric Baumgartner


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