Stop By

Ojai, California USA

We work with people all over the world via phone/skype, but if you get a chance to come visit, you won't be disappointed.  Folks say there's something about Ojai that gets under your skin...maybe it's the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the spring, or the unique east west orientation of the valley, the deep spiritual heritage, or the quaint throwback mediterranean villa feel of the downtown.  Others claim it's the mysterious sunset "pink moment."  Whatever it is, it's good medicine for the soul, and we'd love to have you visit.   Our office is easy to find, with plenty of parking. 

Call Us


With all the fancy technology that has been invented in the last decade, nothing replaces a good old fashioned phone call.  If you like fancy you can send us a text, we're cool like that.  Or if you're an email person, try Eric directly at  But don't be afraid to give us a ring and have a chat about whatever questions might be lingering.  We're sure to have an answer, or know someone who does.  Talk soon?